Apostolic Greeting
We bring you greetings from The House Of The LORD JESUS Apostolic Church an affiliate of the Apostolic Bible Students Association (A.B.S.A.) of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. (P.A.W.)  While many today are suffering from an identity crisis, we know who we are , and Whose we are.  We are Apostolic. We are of the household of GOD.  We are born-again, JESUS name,  children of GOD.  We’ve been born of HIS Spirit and washed in HIS blood.  What kind of church are we?   We are part of His church, for we are built not on the doctrine and precepts of man; but our foundation is built upon the apostles and the prophets, JESUS Himself being the chief corner stone.  (Ephes 2: 15-21)
We worship only one GOD, JESUS is His name.   We love this Apostolic holy way.  Just like in the book of Acts, we’ve been known to be exuberant and ecstatic, dancing in the Spirit, shouting hallelujahs and speaking in tongues, as HIS glory fills our souls.  Some have called us drunk while others have deemed us  strange or crazy.  We worship HIM in spirit and truth.  If you’re feeling tired of traditions and burdened with wrong, searching for answers, are just looking for celebration and a song; fellowshipping with The House Of The LORD JESUS.   You won’t leave like you came; for we are JESUS children who bare HIS name.  It has been sung that being Apostolic is More exciting than a party, higher than a drug. It's the greatest feeling, being washed in His blood ."
We are Apostolic.  We are Oneness. We believe in One Lord, One Faith, One baptism One GOD and Father of all Who is above all and through you all. We believe in being born-again as the Bible says; which is Baptism by immersion in the Name of JESUS Christ, and receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in Tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. Just like the book of Acts, we are Apostolic in every way, We bring you greetings from The House Of The LORD JESUS Apostolic Church.   We love this Apostolic holy way.                                
Acts 2:42 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’
doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

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