S P E C I A L  S E R V I C E / E V E N T S 
At church we come away from the cares and worries of our world.  Assembled here at the church, each time we meet, we retreat. These are difficult and perilous time.  It is essential that we retreat.  The House Of The LORD JESUS Apostolic Church is a place for refuge, solace, rest, restoration......Retreat.  To retreat is the act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. Retreat is also a shelter, safety zone, place of comfort and solace, a sanctuary.   Here at The House Of The LORD JESUS Apostolic church we withdraw from involvement with Pandemic worldly stresses, troubles and cares.  Assembled here in this sanctuary; we  are  edified, rested,  strengthened, and  built up  by  study  of  the  Word  of  GOD  and Christian fellowship.
Resurrection Sunday/Easter, Mother's Day,  Pentecost SUNDAY, 
Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas,  New Years Eve/Watch Night,
Annual HLJ One Day Retreat - First or Second Saturday in May
Annual HLJ Prayer Camp - First Saturday October
Holiday comes from Middle English "halidei" from Old English "haligdaeg" (holy day, Sabbath), this is the equivalent to "holy + day".  The holidays are about love, and spending time with those that you love.  It's about staying close to those that are important to you.  It's about being thankful for what you have, and who you have in your life.  Holidays are times of withdrawal from strain, struggles, and cares; to relaxation, comfort, and ease.  Holiday celebrations are mini-retreats of a sort.  Here  at  The  House  Of  The  LORD  JESUS  Apostolic  Church  everytime  we  meet  it's  a  Holy Day, for we are Pentecostal Apostolic holiness people.   Come  celebrate  the  "holiday"  with us.  Come retreat, withdraw from daily stress, strain, struggles and cares, to relaxation, comfot, and ease in love and Holy Ghost fellowship.  Retreat  and  shelter  with  us  here  at  The House Of The LORD JESUS Apostolic Church, on Lafayette's southside here at 50 W. 250 S.


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